Automation control device

Recently, new technologies and new products for multi-axial motion control have been introduced in the robotics sector, which is a revolution in the fourth industry.
The multi-axis motion control board is applied to various types of servo drivers (PCI, Motion,Electronic Control Department) that coordinate the movement of
Semiconductor Handler Production Equipmentand advanced manufacturing equipment.
As Combining EtherCAT network communication technology with board is recently started, it will become a new technology that will lead the fourth industry.  

BLDC motor

The BLDC(Brushless DC) motor is electronically controlled by an electronic control circuit by removing the brush inside the motor, providing higher speed and
torque control response speeds, and can be widely used for applications with space and weight constraints by having a larger torque than the same motor size.
It is a durable, quiet, energy-efficient product that is widely applied to air-cleaning systems inside the specialized industrial Clean room and cooling, heating and
ventilation systems in certain areas (local part) systems and is also widely used in automobiles, medical devices, factory automation, and general (small) hom

Automatic Air control System

Large buses, agricultural machinery, forklifts, and other products that can operate in high-temperature, high-vibration, high-strength environments
We're developing and producing.
Based on reliability, we are producing products that can operate normally even in poor conditions.


(Switching Mode Power Supply) Increasing use of network and information process devices in the industry, Power supplies,Essential parts for variety of electronic
products, account for a significant portion of the performance of electronic devices with stable power supplies.
By minimizing unnecessary loss due to switching (on,off) operation, We can develop products which have high-efficiency SMPS power supply unit that can
be miniaturized, lightened, and highly reliable and respond to mass production.

Medical Device

Wireless Crane Controller

It is a product that can withstand humid environments and sea winds as a control board and transceiver that are wireless cranes in shipbuilding and construction.

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